Gary Null: No More Allergies

Countless prescriptions are written each day to treat those suffering from allergies often with terrible side effects and a limited, if any therapeutic action. However, there are proven natural approaches that can dramatically help people suffering from Allergies. In NO MORE ALLERGIES, Gary Null Ph.D. and the world's leading Integrative Medical Doctors present powerful strategies to overcome allergies naturally.

Topics include the real definition of allergies; the true...
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During its CPT12 premiere, Dr. Gary Null will join CPT12 Director of Development Shari Bernson live in the studio to discuss the film.

    For over three decades, Dr. Gary Null has been one of the foremost advocates of alternative medicine and natural healing. A multi award-winning journalist and New York Times best-selling author, Dr. Null has written over 70 books on nutrition, self-empowerment and public health issues. Dr. Null holds a Ph.D. in Human Nutrition and Public Health Science. View Dr. Null's full credentials.
  • program length: 60 minutes

Sunday, July 12 at 5:00 am on 12.1

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